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Painless Dental Implant Placement with Sedation Dentistry

No teeth replacement material can feel 100% like the real deal, but dental implants are the closest you’re going to get to natural teeth. Implants are designed to fuse with bone and replace the tooth roots, providing the most stable foundation for permanent, artificial teeth. Dental implants also help prevent bone loss in the jaw.

Conventional dental implants are biocompatible screws with a knob at one end. The oral surgeon embeds the screw in your gums, places the knob and attaches the crown on top. The whole procedure is spread over several months, with long downtimes in between to let your bones and gums heal.

Are dental implants right for me?

Not everybody is a good candidate for conventional implant placement. You must have good jawbone volume and quality, and you must be in good overall health. Patients with excessive bone loss almost always need bone grafts before dental implants can be placed.

For patients who are unable or don’t want to get bone grafts, Peabody MA dentists Dr. Argeros and Dr. Plourde offer mini dental implants. Mini implants are about half the size of standard implants and can be placed in areas of thin bone. All it takes is a single visit to place the implant and prosthetic teeth.
Mini dental implants are also less expensive and require no downtime.

What if I’m scared of the dentist?

Patients with dental phobia can get their teeth replaced painlessly with sedation dentistry. Sedatives are administered by mouth, through inhalation or into a vein to help you relax during dental implant placement.

Your Massachusetts dentists are qualified to administer IV sedation, the method of sedation recommended for patients with severe dental phobia. Don’t forget to ask about these options if your fear is too overwhelming. Contact us today at (978) 278-1760.

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